3 Common Kinds of Piano That You Should Know


If you are wondering which kind of piano should be the one you use, then the list below will give you the answer to your problem as it listed some of the common kinds of piano, so you better continue reading.

The list below will show you the most common kinds of piano available to use by everybody.

  1. Grand Pianos

The first common kind of piano is the grand piano which is also called as horizontal piano simply because the strings of this piano are placed in a horizontal position. This kind is also considered as the largest one among of all kinds. Grand pianos are commonly used in concerts and solos, thus, it is best suited for professional piano players.

  1. Upright Pianos

Next common kind is the upright piano which is, on the other hand, also called as vertical piano since that the strings of it are placed in a vertical direction. Typically, upright pianos can be found in school’s music rooms, churches, living rooms, and dens as it does not take a lot of space. It is the best piano to use by piano players who are living in small houses and apartments.

  1. Digital or Electric Pianos

Last on the list of the common kinds of piano is the digital or electric piano which is probably the most convenient piano to use by all piano players. It is mainly because of the reason that digital or electric piano is compact and lightweight, thus, piano players can carry it anywhere they go. Usually, piano players and bands who always travel to play are the people who use this kind of piano.

To conclude, you are now capable of choosing which of these kinds is the best keyboard piano for you to use. If you want to learn more, you can visit a local shop that sells musical instruments like piano.